Open CRM Integrations

Keeping everyone on the same page by integrating your CRM with the systems and solutions your team need.

CRM Zapier Integration


Zapier is one of those tools that you won’t know how you lived without it once you start using it. It can connect two systems with just a few clicks, making sure the information you need is always right where it should be.

You can click read more about our Zapier Integration and find out if it is right for your business.

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MailChimp CRM Integration

Mail Chimp

If you’re coming to us with an external marketing team or just another department who is wed to a particular bulk emailing system, the likelihood is that they’re using Mail Chimp.

Although we think our own marketing tools are pretty great, we also know that Mail Chimp is pretty popular. So we developed a great integration that will keep everyone happy.

CRM Outlook Integration


In addition to our automated email copying tool, Pop2OpenCRM, we have a manual option for our clients who use the Outlook client.

From an email, you can click to link directly to a record in OpenCRM. Choose which emails are linked to which records, the control is entirely your’s.

Google CRM Integration


The world runs on Google these days and your business isn’t any different. That’s why we’ve created integrations with a variety of different Google applications.

Keep your Google Contacts, Calendar, and Emails synchronised with OpenCRM today and look out for future enhancements to this integration.

Sage CRM Integration

Sage50 Accounting

Sync your Invoices and Company balances from OpenCRM to Sage50 Accounts (and back again) with our flexible and powerful integration.

Full disclosure: There is a cost involved in this integration and you will need to use one of your Sage50 users.

Xero CRM Integration


Our Xero integration gives you the power to push Invoices from OpenCRM to Xero automatically on a rolling schedule. You can also record payments in Xero and see these reflected in OpenCRM, both on Invoices and Companies.

Read the nitty-gritty around this integration and find out if it will work for your business.

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CRM ClicData Integration


Our integration with ClicData allows you to combine the data from OpenCRM with your other systems and produce beautiful BI dashboards.

You can read more about this integration here or, if you want to see some dashboards in action, why don’t you head over to see some examples from our demos?

demo dashboards
JotForm CRM Integration


JotForm is tool you can use to build web forms. Our integration lets you bring the data entered into your forms straight into OpenCRM, creating any records you choose.

From contact forms to surveys to booking forms, there are so many options available to you with this integration. (This includes using JotForm’s mobile app to access your forms offline and then sync with OpenCRM when you come back into signal.)


Engagement platforms are a fantastic way to chat with prospects and keep your relationship with existing customers strong.

Our integration with Dashly allows you to create Leads and Contacts in OpenCRM, record chats as Activities against those records, convert a chat into an Opportunity or Ticket, and so much more!


Sending text messages (SMS) to your customers straight from your CRM system is a great way to send a short, tailored message and know that the person within seconds of you hitting send.

Afterall, you might not check your email all the time, but your phone buzzing with a text? We all snap up our phones to see what it is.

Authorise who can send messages, create unlimited templates, personalise each one without worrying about spelling. You can even automate the messages!